AWS is the world’s most comprehensive, secure and broadly used cloud platform – trusted by digital giants like Netflix, Facebook and the BBC. It’s packed with over 175 featured services, hosted by data centres across the globe. You can connect from the most remote locations, simply and securely. You don’t even need an especially fast internet connection.
  • 87% of respondents to a recent Briefing Magazine survey said that they had seen an increase in the number of clients performing security audits on them from 75% to 92%. AWS instantly gives you the best cloud security in the world and 256bit encryption of your data – it’s why the CIA use it
  • Law Firm Anywhere gives you the tools to help you comply with UK GDPR and other data regulations like FCA and HIPAA – including 256bit encryption.
Free up your tech budget from heavy capital expenditure
  • When you migrate to the cloud, there won’t be large cap-ex hardware costs. You follow a month-by-month payment plan that you can flex and scale in sync with your business. You only pay for what you need, when you need it.
Build a flexible, bespoke partnership around you and your business needs
  • We work in partnership with our clients – your success is our success and we’re happy to go the extra mile.
  • So we operate in whatever way best suits you. We speak your language and we’re patient – we won’t push or rush you.
Work around business disruptions without missing a beat
  • No need to spend money on a separate disaster recovery system.
  • If working from the office is suddenly impossible, your team can head home, open their laptops and pick up right where they left off – no licensing restrictions, no security worries.
  • You’ll never need to spend time creating and maintaining a business continuity strategy. With lawfirm anywhere, your strategy is already in place.
Cost savings, pay for what you use
  • We use a simple, flexible, month-by-month subscription service where you always see exactly what you’re paying for. You can up-scale or down-scale monthly
  • Reduced spend on backend IT infrastructure frees up budget to invest in frontend support and workflow automation solutions for your lawyers.
  • With easy remote working and so much of your infrastructure in the cloud, you can cut down on the office equipment you use.
  • Being less reliant on hardware gives you options that could cut your energy use – and your carbon footprint.
Untether your team from restrictive hardware
  • With lawfirm anywhere, you can log in from any device and find your desktop exactly as you left it.
  • Break the cycle of continually buying, upgrading and replacing hardware.
  • Work securely from any location
  • No more dragging equipment around or endlessly unplugging connectors and flash drives.
Keep your business flexible and scalable
  • When you hire extra staff, you never need to expand your infrastructure.
  • If you move your firm to a new office or expand into several, you simply arrive, connect to the internet and log into your AWS workspace.
  • We have flexible contract options so you can scale up or down with no penalties.
  • If you acquire or merge with another company, they don’t need to change any infrastructure. So the transition is much quicker and simpler.
expertly managed comms service delivered by PSZDirect, our partner of 15 years
  • Seamless transition of all your mobiles and landlines to our full managed service.
  • We take care of your bills and spend as if they were our own.
  • You benefit from our long-term relationships with the core vendors.
  • Currently supplying two 300+ staff law firms.

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