To add value beyond our core recruitment focus, by leveraging our 25 years of insight and expertise in legal tech and partnering with trusted, niche businesses we have worked with along the way, to deliver new and innovative services for our customers. 

Support the launch of your client-facing product with a purpose-built, managed team providing a ‘white-glove’, VIP support service upon go-live.

Why risk your success at the most important moment after all the time and cost you have spent on the development of your product?
Law Firm Anywhere
A seamless, flexible, remote working solution for 5 - 50 user law firms, offering world-class data security, regulatory compliance, elimination of tape backup hassles and the comfort of 100% reliable business continuity.

lawfirm anywhere delivers all of this with wrap-around support designed for law firms and at a cost that has, until now, been impractical for smaller businesses.
Why stop at the standard 3E product when there is so much more you can do in 3E?

Reduce risk of non-compliance and create significant time and money-saving efficiencies with our 3E enhancements that deliver a breath-taking user experience.
Significantly reduce the lead time and high cost of automating your workflows.

Fast and painless delivery of your proof-of-concept workflow(s) to help you demonstrate the benefits to the business, using a variety products and custom tools including intApp, Dynamics, MS Power and SharePoint.

Build a standardised approach to your future automation developments by helping you define digital product roadmap and governance framework that’s right for your firm.
Comms Legal
VOIP telephony and mobile management with a difference. Law firms need great products, but it’s the service that really counts.

Our solution is a fully managed telephony service that offers the personal attention small and medium-sized law firms simply do not receive from the usual telco intermediaries.

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