service-deskOur Managed IT Service Desk solution, which has supported large law firms with their IT Service Delivery transformations since 2007, can be the difference between a good product launch, and an exceptional one that achieves full user adoption.

Reacting to the need for better automation of in-house legal departments, many law firms are developing and providing automated, knowledge-driven (‘law tech’) solutions directly to their clients.

These solutions are the culmination of significant time and investment so the moment you deliver to your first customers is a critical one. You need to guarantee satisfaction. Routing their support calls to your normal IT Service Desk puts them in the queue with their calls not being answered by a specialist in the new product. This can increase new customer frustration. In our view, a dedicated, ‘white-glove’ service is essential for the first 6 months post-launch.

Rebranded as ‘lawtech LAUNCH’, our managed IT service desk can be spun up quickly, with resources carefully selected for you, to deliver a 24x7 dedicated, flexible support service to your new customers. This ensures they bypass your main service desk, avoiding the queue and reaching someone who is specifically there for them. The team augments your existing desk, follows their processes and can be scaled up or down at short notice.
Key Benefits of our Service:

User Adoption - Ensure you achieve full user adoption when launching new products to external clients with a white-glove, always-available, dedicated team for that launch

100% - We deliver 100% coverage across all seats ensuring you meet wait time & FTF SLAs and can resource plan accurately

Flexible - The shift patterns and hours required can be changed at short notice to suit changing demands as the service beds in and call volumes increase or are lower than expected

Rapid - Team can be built and decommissioned quickly

Your team - The team is specifically recruited for you; we don't supply 'whoever is available'. You have veto over who is supplied

Integration - Our team augments your existing Service Desk and follows their processes

24x7 - We can provide full 24x7 cover

Seamless - the team delivers seamless escalation as well as handover to off-shore teams

Remotely or On-Site - Analysts can locate remotely or on-site

KPIs - We will fully performance-manage our team in line with your KPIs

Service Improvement - When used as part of your existing IT Service Desk, we enable the ‘shifting left’ of work from expensive technical teams, allowing them to focus on higher-value work by increasing the volume of fixes carried out on the service desk

Save 50% Time - Your Service Desk Manager hands routine people management tasks to us so they can focus on service improvement and other higher value work

Talent Retention - We enable the progression of SD staff into your tech teams, reducing your recruitment from external sources to as little as 20%

Reduce Project Cost - Use our site-familiar resources for internal project teams, saving you much of the cost of external contractors

Save £10,000s - Our service can significantly reduce your IT costs

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