We are pleased to introduce our new partnership with Junim (, a small business we have worked with since 2017 on 3E projects. Over 25 years of supplying resources to clients on these projects, we can confidently claim that they are amongst the best developers we have seen in this space.

With Junim we can deliver fast, cost-effective and on-demand 3E customisation, plugging the gaps in these projects for short or longer-term periods, pre- or post- go live.

Billing Workflow
A Billing dashboard process listing all the matters that secretaries are assigned to. From that listing, they can view their matters, exclude matters from this month’s billing, generate/edit single and multiple bills, write down time, view current AR, view AML status of the client, and print the listing and Perform several other tasks.
Workflow Engine
A generic customisation that can be easily plugged into any workflow.

A new request, e.g. Trust request, immediately shows the request details, approvers and workflow history at the bottom of the page with an item created in the requester’s watchlist allowing them to view the progress of their item as it goes through the whole approval workflow.
Write Off Engine
An automated write off engine in 3E that can be embedded into all the relevant processes so that any write off event would trigger the Write Off Workflow. The client has full control of all the thresholds, and the approval recipients and notification recipients.
AML Engine
A fully configurable AML Engine that our clients can set up themselves to: configure all the types of documents required; set up the documents required for each client types before a client AML can be verified; leverage the 3E Matter and Client Statuses to only allow billing once the user has attached all required documentation and all approvers have reviewed and approved the request; go through the different levels of approvals depending on Risk level of the client, keeping full audit of the process; allow the Risk department to report on pending clients or view approved/rejected clients and relaunch any previous processes; run scheduled tasks that automatically de-activate the AML status of a client after a configured period of time, allowing the firm to always stay on top of regulatory compliance.
Management Reporting
A reporting pack in 3E that includes an interactive Partner Summary Dashboard, Profit and Loss, custom Balance Sheet and Recoverability reports
Customization Setups
With all our customizations, we offer a central hub for all the soft-coded setups in the application, allowing our clients to fully control their setups/approvals/thresholds. This significantly reduces the need for code changes after go-live, giving firms the ability to stabilise their system in much less time than it typically takes.
Stress Testing Tool
A custom stress testing tool to simulate a 3E system in real time, with hundreds of concurrent users. This allows the IT team to monitor and catch any performance issues before any go-live or upgrade.
Custom Biztalk Integrations
A tool, that works in conjunction with Biztalk, to automatically recognize the format of the import files and convert them to the 3E Standard formats.

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