Full managed service provision of Windows Desktop and Infrastructure in Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS)
Seamless transition of your existing infrastructure including legacy applications into the AWS platform; no headaches, when you log back on, nothing will be different
Delivered by our partner, Moore Technology, overseen by legal technology experts
Bringing this game-changing product to the legal sector we know so well

Lawyers are some of the busiest people on earth. You juggle complex demands, for multiple clients. You’re always on call and everything is a priority, which means ever-longer working hours. No other business reacts so immediately to its customers’ demands.

So change within a law firm often happens slowly because time is so limited and it’s crucial for you to have a relationship with a trusted technology partner in this transition who understands and will be considerate of this.

We can support you through that process – drawing on our own experience of Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology first-hand having adopted a managed-service AWS solution ourselves via Moore Technology  in 2019.

So, we have direct experience of the transition, the speed and apparent simplicity of the change as well as the supportive aftercare Moore Technology live by. We know how it works and the many benefits that come with it. It was this experience that led us to partner with the Moore Technology to bring this game-changing product to the legal sector we know so well.

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